Hi people. I'm trying out hubzilla for a bit. tbh i'm not entirely sure how active i'll be here, but i think it's worth a look & i want to make sure to know what's up before I potentially refer friends/family to hubzilla. If you've got any hints, tips, tricks, or just general on-boarding help i'd be appreciated (looks like there's quite some options/features which is good but it means things are less intuitive at times).

or just say hi to me i guess.
AS for your question, You should open the hamburger menu, go to "Add Apps". Apps you pin will endup on the top bar. You can then use "Arrange apps" to move them around.

Some themes support that feature out of the box, but it depends whether they are installed on the server you use.
Thanks for the link, I'll make sure to read it in the morning. I think, from what I've seen, it's got a lot of really good potential, but the on-boarding needs a bit of work imo. I mean knowing how facebook works helps because there's quite some similarities but there's a few quirks.

I do quite like this so far. I came across this after reading this Medium post, which helped give a few hints as to where I should look for more info.

Actually I think one of my main issues was that (maybe I'm spoiled coming from mastodon) there's no apparent logic to which hub you should join. makes it super easy—type in your interests and you get suggestions, where you can poke around and decide. Here it was mostly looking around a bunch, finding a handful of ok-sounding hubs (most are just random domain names) with no info about what/who is inside, just to find they're closed to new people half the time.
Yeah. True this seem to be an issue with not only hubzilla but also friendica, diaspora and others. Mastodon did it right, but that doesnt mean hubzilla or others cannot. That said, hubzilla is a relatively small network still ( ) so if it gets even a fraction of attention mastodon or diaspora had, (which seems to be slowly happening given that even we are setting up a hub and are very excited about the project) someone will comeup with slick idea for on-boarding / choosing hub page.