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Sine ira et studio

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Emily isn't lazy, she's just happy doing nothing.

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Alois Arnegger #art
Unfortunately, I can't help you.:-) Morning @hosh !
It's the Villa del Balbaniello, on the other side of the lake. Good day!
Villa Balbianello (it was spelled wrong in the place I looked).

"A number of feature films have used the villa for location shooting, including A Month by the Lake (1995), His Demise starring Paul Zukowski (2016 disaster movie), Casino Royale (2006). The villa was also used for the lake retreat scenes in Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones (2002), with computer-generated imagery used in place of the building's true exterior."
Qué curioso el dibujo y el contrate. No he podido evitar acordarme de la novela "La buena tierra", de Pearl S. Buck, que he terminado de leer hace poquito :-).

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First Rays (1921)Image/photo

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#art by Félix #Vallotton

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Quarante nuances de “Clair de lune” de Debussy...

L’illustre pièce de Claude Debussy déclinée quarante fois dans “Les Clair de lune d’Achille-Claude” en version jazzy, samba, rock, tango, au piano ou à l’harmonica. Enjoy !... :D


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Juan Gris. Mujer Con Mandolina

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Paperman, by John Kahrs (2012)
by Jérôme Labbé on YouTube


Création très romantique et qui raconte tout simplement l’histoire d’une rencontre entre un homme, et une femme. C’est simple, il n’y a pas de paroles, tout est en noir et blanc mais c’est quand même une très belle création et il est même possible qu’elle parvienne à vous arracher une larme ou deux. Moralité, si vous ne savez pas quoi faire pour tuer le temps, et si vous aimez en plus les jolies choses, alors Paperman est sans aucun doute fait pour vous.

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Where's the original version @Waitman Gobble ?
for me the video on this post leaves him stuck at the station watching the girl leave, at about 57 secs. then about 4 minutes of music. I think the music on that is not original? I'd have to listen again.

The Disney video is:

Paperman Oscar Winner Disney HD
by Vinpaco25 on YouTube
I didn't know the Disney video, nor the other one!  The whole story is delicious: surreal and tender :-)  I don't see the point of the gif' type amputated version either...

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¿Creías haberlo oído todo? Escucha la armónica de Concas y verás que no...

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Moses Concas - Oak
by TigerLilyMag on Vimeo

Très grand merci @Franck Cesarini Wolff et @Péhä, pour cette superbe découverte... ;)
  • Moses Concas si può trovare qui.
  • and can be listened here.
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Lavender Illustrations (


Drew this about a week ago for the anniversary of Malfunction coming out and me making this first drawing two years ago! First post on here, I hope I'm tagging correctly!

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The Courtyard of the Hospital in Arles Vincent Van Gogh

Oil on canvas

#art #dutch #painting

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By Albert Gyorgy.

#Art #Sculpture

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Sugerente pintura simbolista..

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Georges Braque - Tournesols (Sunflowers) [1943]

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Une pierre au milieu du chemin ...

#### Un joyau... ce poème de Carlos Drummond de Andrade, lu en des langues différentes...

Leitura do poema "No meio do caminho"
by imoreirasalles on YouTube

#art, #poésie, #langages, #Carlos-Drummond-de-Andrade

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Fluorescence ...

La fluorescence n'est visible que pendant la durée d'éclairement avec des lampes adaptées. Si cette source lumineuse est éteinte, la fluorescence disparaît. En dehors de la fluorescence on observe deux autres types de production de lumière chez les invertébrés : la bioluminescence et la phosphorescence. Au sens strict, la bioluminescence est la production active de lumière par des organismes vivants. La « luminescence marine », qui est produite par des algues unicellulaires comme Noctiluca miliaris (Eckert & Reynolds 1967) est un des exemples les plus connus de bioluminescence.

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lots of lightening bugs in Ohio where i grew up. I have never seen one in California, or Mexico or Dominican Republic.
They disappear all over the world, or perhaps we are prevented from seeing them because of the excessive luminosity we generate. Pasolini spoke of the disappearance of fireflies in Italy in the 1970s, although as a metaphor for the disappearance of peasants.  It was a beautiful text that I shared around here some time ago.
maybe they are not in ohio anymore, i have not been there for many years

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In the refugeby Stanko Abadžić, Prague, 2002

#photo #StankoAbadžić #streetart #art

motion (


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my half of a trade with meesh on tumblr @ #art

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The Funeral of the Anarchist Galliby Carlo Carra
The Funeral of the Anarchist Galli (Il Funerale dell’anarchico Galli) is a painting by Italian painter Carlo Carrà. It was finished in 1911, during the artist's futurist phase. It currently resides in New York City's Museum of Modern Art.

The subject of the work is the funeral of Italian anarchist Angelo Galli, killed by police during a general strike in 1904. The Italian State feared that the funeral would become a de facto political demonstration and refused the mourning anarchists entrance into the cemetery itself. When anarchists resisted, the police responded with force and a violent scuffle ensued.

Carlo Carrà was present. His work embodies the tension and chaos of the scene: the movement of the bodies, the clashing of anarchists and police, the black flags flying in the air. He reflects in a later memoir:

”I saw before me the bier, covered with red carnations, wavering dangerously on the shoulders of the pallbearers. I saw the horses becoming restive, and clubs and lances clashing, so that it seemed to me that at any moment the corpse would fall to the ground and be trampled by the horses…” (Carrà, La Mia Vita, 1943)

Carlo Carra at WikiArt

#art #painting #futurism #figurative #oilpainting #CarloCarra #anarchy #anarchist #wikiart
It really captures the idea of motion and violence.