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Sine ira et studio

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@Sophie See you :-)

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Quarante nuances de “Clair de lune” de Debussy...

L’illustre pièce de Claude Debussy déclinée quarante fois dans “Les Clair de lune d’Achille-Claude” en version jazzy, samba, rock, tango, au piano ou à l’harmonica. Enjoy !... :D


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¿Creías haberlo oído todo? Escucha la armónica de Concas y verás que no...

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Moses Concas - Oak
by TigerLilyMag on Vimeo

Très grand merci @Franck Cesarini Wolff et @Péhä, pour cette superbe découverte... ;)
  • Moses Concas si può trovare qui.
  • and can be listened here.
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Last saturday I was invited to a Jam session with plenty of good jazz musicians from the Amsterdam scene. We had a great time. The people were amazing musicians and even better human beings.

Eventually, another double bass player came, so that gave me the chance to take a step back and record this video, which I specially recorded for the jazz lovers of diaspora :) <3

The song is "On Green Dolphin Street", composed for the 1947 movie, and made popular after Miles Davis recorded it in 1958.


See the video
on Streamable
or copy-paste the following link to your browser:

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