I should probably follow more active posters here as it looks like nothing has happened in days while Mastodon is either too complicated or too active with everyone being too unfamiliar.
 from ActivityPub
About this, can I somehow unfollow everyone at #Mastodon? #help?

Or does anyone have any advice how could I get this under control? I have too many toots in my timelines and I have no idea who most of people I see are or why I am following then :(

Is my best bet just creating another account somewhere? But where, this is probably the most logical place for me to be unless I moved to Hubzilla which I don't like yet for missing apps.
Hello @AudioRCA@mastodon.social, I saw your Hubzilla/Mastodon toot, but I cannot find you from here, but I hope this message will reach you regardless :)
Oh, now I found it, I didn't see it on mobile even with desktop view. I fear that I may be getting more active at Mastodon until a nice mobile app presents itself :(
@Mikaela Suomalainen Yeah that might not come too quick. I'm atm hacking up an app (based on diaspora webview) but thats pretty much web mobiel version wrapper.
It might be easier to adapt one of the few Friendica apps to work with Hubzilla instead.
From what I gather, the API isn't too different between the projects. Unfortunately I know nothing about programming.
Mikaela Suomalainen updated their cover photo

Looks very peaceful
Thanks, it's starting to be a little dated photo from Töölö bay, but I have been using it as my banner everywhere.

You can see Linnanmäki amusement park on the top right corner.
I like the stones, water and the bird.
Hello world!?
 from Diaspora
I am so happy reading this post in Diaspora, I feel so stupid unable to customise my hubzilla view
There is Diaspora* inspired/like theme on Hubzilla at least on https://hub.weho.st/