OK, now I have imported connections from Diaspora* by hand as long as the people were either in offline or online aspects and I had some sort of idea who they were.

Sadly it seems that most of the people were very inactive, but I imagine that I won't have to do this again thanks to nomadic identity and at most I would need to figure out how to tell Diaspora/Mastodon connections that my account has moved and force Hubzilla to move the connected location in the distant future.

Adding connections was very unfriendly though. For Mastodon I am trying to claim knowing more than Hubzilla knows, maybe it will give me a secret button for mass-importing IDs.
 from ActivityPub
@mikaela Yeah the permissions and groupings don't translate to ActivityPub well. I guess this could be addressed on either end, but automating or simplifying those processes should be done.
Oops, I went over 500 characters here and only then did a test if that is possible :D