I love text editors! <3

The solution to mass import to Hubzilla is to export the csv, edit it a little and then next figure out a way to mass open a lot of tabs in Firefox and the deed is done.
Dishub: 75 connections
WeHost Hubzilla: stuck on 29 connections

I wonder if I followed 40 people too quickly or what happened, maybe it's going to catch up later.
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Can you explain what lines to edit?
@maryjane Export it in csv, open it in pluma/gedit, select a line change, search & replace, it should be searching for line changes and you want to change it to https://hub.disroot.org/follow/?url= (there is a space before the URL).

Then open a new tab, make a line change and copy-paste it to find & replace of the csv where you are looking for spaces and you should have a pretty list of lines like https://hub.disroot.org/follow/?url=mikaela@hub.disroot.org which you can paste to e.g. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/open-multiple-urls/?f=&zid=mikaela%40hub.disroot.org and then you have many tabs complaining about gateway timeout or service being temporarily unavailable, but as you refresh them patiently one by one, you are following people at Hubzilla anyway :D