Will angels play the harp? Good morning all! :coffee :coffee

Dorothy Ashby ~ The Jazz Harpist (LP, 1957)


A1 Thou Swell 0:00 A2 Stella by Starlight 4:01 A3 Dancing On The Ceiling 7:11  B1 Aeolian Groove 14:41 B2 Quietude 18:59 B3 Spicy 21:50 B4 La 25:33  i'm sorry  it's so agonizingly short

I found this one in the suggestions, also super nice:

Thanks for bringing her to my attention. @Manuel I knew her name (as "the other Jazz harpist besides Alice Coltrane"), but had never actively listened to her oeuvre.

Uno de mis madrigales preferidos, ¡delicia pura!

Monteverdi: Madrigals, Book VIII - Lamento de la Ninfa (Les Arts Florissants)


Full concert here: http://ow.ly/ZVQ2q  Subscribe to our channel for more videos http://ow.ly/ugONZ   Claudio Monteverdi - Ottavo Libro de’ Madrigali - Canti Amorosi: Lamento de la Ninfa  Les Arts Fl

 somewhere between the lines 
Good finds!

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Good morning with the inexhaustible music of Bob Dylan! :coffee :coffee

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Oh boy, how much I love that song... His Bobness. My method, my guru, my teacher...

Buenos días con la deliciosa canción de  Antonio Carlos Jobim :coffee :coffee :musical_note:

"The Girl from Ipanema"  Astrud Gilberto, João Gilberto and Stan Getz


"The Girl from Ipanema" ("Garota de Ipanema") written in 1962 by Antonio Carlos Jobim with lyrics in Portuguese by Vinicius de Moraes and in English by Norman Gimbel was recorded by Astrud Gilberto,

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Buenas, @Manuel :-).

No, no me voy al trabajo antes, aunque durante un tiempo estuve entrando a las 9 en vez de a las 8, pero hace ya bastantes meses que decidí no abrir por la mañana temprano el ordenador: no me ayudaba a concentrarme ni a relajarme antes de salir de casa. Ahora mi rutina es despertarme a las 5 o 5 y poco, dar de comer a mis mininos, orar, leer, levantarme sobre las 6,30 o 7 menos algo, darle un codazo cariñoso a mi compañera :laughing: , desayunar tranquilamente juntos, charlar, limpiar la tierra de los mininos, fregar la vajilla de la cena, hacer la cama juntos, vestirme... Me salto las necesidades fisiológicas (que quedan fatal en una lista, je).

El concierto me gustaría que se grabara, pero depende del equipo disponible y si se puede conectar algo nuestro. Ya te digo algo.

Besotes gordotes, hermano.
Yes, now it's working for me too. Temporary problem obviously. Nice music, I've another CD sample with a later recording (if I remember correctly).
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@Herbert Thielen The two voices in counterpoint, the sensuality, the enveloping rhythm and in crescendo...  A real wonder!

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Ha muerto Lucho Gatica, a los 90 años. Recordemos con "El reloj" a este mito del bolero...

El Reloj - Lucho Gatica


Un clasico de este gran chileno

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I didn't want to post this while the campaigns and US midterm-elections were still ongoing. There's nothing been in it for me. What sense, personally, would it have made, to argue about candidates or parties which I can't vote for? But when Willie Nelson involves himself, then I can't look or stay away anymore. Just because he's a true hero to me... So here's his song, which puts itself in the best agitating tradition of Woody Guthrie or Pete Seeger. It's the ultimate anthem for any future mobilization campaign anywhere people understand the English language. And probably it won't be too difficult to translate it to any other language. In other words: A masterpiece!

Vote ‘Em Out (live from Turn Out For Texas)
by WillieNelson on YouTube

Yeah... and then... that Beto guy used to be a punk-rocker himself... If he should be running for president one day, I might apply for citizenship in time to vote for him! ;-)

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Me encanta este tema de la banda sonora original del film Expiación, de Joe Wright :-).

Music from the Motion Picture is the soundtrack from the 2007 film Atonement, composed by Dario Marianelli and performed by the English Chamber Orchestra, French classical pianist Jean-Yves Thibaude

Atonement - Briony


 BSO  cine  música

Long live blues!

Yoann Minkoff & Kris Nolly - Big Mama's Door (Live in the sheepfold)


Song written and composed by Alvin Youngblood Hart  Directed by : Gilles Pensart & Iulia Filip Recorded and Mixed by : LŒIZ  Album "Black & White Blues" available here : https://yoannminkoff.bandcam


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Scheiße! Die Nummer ist ja mal richtig geil! !Music

Herbert Grönemeyer - DOPPELHERZ / İKİ GÖNLÜM (mit BRKN)
by Groenemeyer on YouTube

Video credits:

Directed by Zoran Bihac
Production: nylon film gmbh
Edit: Rob Myers


Jeder braucht seinen Fluchtpunkt
seinen Platz, ne zweite Heimat
Sehnsuchtsort unter Palmen
Hochplateau oder Meer satt

Herkese ikinci yol
ikinci yuva gerek
Ruhuna bir şans ver
iyi bak kendine güzel gönül

In jedem schlägt ein Doppelherz
einmal hier und dann da zuhause
Der Kopf fliegt schon mal voraus
Der Atem bekommt seine Pause

Gönn Dir ne weitere Seele
Tapetenwechsel als Ausgleich
schick Deinen Kopf in die Wüste
oder Deinen Bauch nach Frankreich

Erzähl mir von Deiner zweiten Welt
mit der dazugehörigen Portion Gefühle

Und flieg und tanz
reisen ist wie neubetankt
Und schweb und fahr
woanders wird der Kopf so klar
kein Sinn und Zweck
es zählt nur der Seiteneffekt
mach Dich einfach mal rar

Hopla, zıpla, gel delice eğlen
aç daralmış gönlünü bana
geç, geç, geç kendinen
sabaha kadar eğlen

Auch Du bist so vieles mehr
schwarz und weiß im Wechsel
Man lebt auch mal seinen Ort leer
und braucht dann wieder neue Rätsel

Ich bin zuhause auf Beton und Asphalt
da, wo die Großstadt nie schläft
Zuhause am Strand unter Palmen
und dort, wo das Herz meiner Großmutter schlägt

Wechsel die Tapete, atmen für die Seele
Auf Dauer wird jeder Ort zum Käfig
Mehr als Deine Sprache, mehr als Deine Farbe
ich pass nicht in die roten Linien Deiner Karte

Erzähl mir von Deiner zweiten Welt
mit der dazugehörigen Portion Gefühle

Und flieg und tanz
reisen ist wie neubetankt
Und schweb und fahr
woanders ist‘s auch wunderbar
kein Sinn und Zweck
es zählt nur der Seiteneffekt
mach dich einfach mal rar

Hopla, zıpla, gel delice eğlen
aç daralmış gonlünü bana
geç, geç, gec kendinen
sabaha kadar eğlen

Jeder braucht seinen Fluchtpunkt
seinen Platz, ne zweite Heimat
Sehnsuchtsort unter Palmen
Hochplateau oder Meer satt

Herbert #Grönemeyer

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Great video! It's totally not what I would have expected from just listening to the song...
I love it when that happens.
Great video indeed!

Good morning from the stratosphere, with Tangerine Dream :coffee :coffee

Tangerine Dream - Stratosfear


Tangerine Dream - Stratosfear from the same named album, released in 1976

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Jimmy Page's Chopin Prelude n.4 - Arms Concert New York 1983


Synced Version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhSLV...  Jimmy Page covers chopin in arms concert and uses his violin bow in the end.  ARMS CONCERT was a way that artists found to get money for the

Tarda casi más en prepararse que en tocar la pieza, pero qué bueno es. Así da gusto despertarse por las mañanas :-).

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"This song is less about an evaluation of Germany's past, as many people incorrectly assume. The piece has more to do with the fear we have for those who have learned nothing from that past. Absolutely nothing."  (Wolfgang Niedecken)

by Demotapes on YouTube

I have a feeling, a sense malign,
something seems to slip my mind,
a sound barely heard,
at times familiar, absurd,
Seldom seen, even then it disturbs
You would wake, rub your eyes and behold,
on a canvas between Brueghel and Bosch
Who’s going to pay for an alarm,
when a threat is only half of the cost?
It smells like Kristallnacht

In the calm before the storm, what’s goes down?
Stealthily leaving the town,
incognito, the big shots hurrying on,
can’t be seen to be a part of that throng
When the soul of the tribe, on the rise,
boils with anger, flares up and cries:
"Heil - Halali" with unbounded rage,
calling for vengeance on those they despise
In the Kristallnacht

But for those upset by anything new,
they go with the flow, as they always do
for the gays are dissidents,
and immigrants a pestilence,
need someone to sweep them away
And the cavalry is not going to show,
no Zorro to give a hot damn
at most, he’d piss a ‘Z’ in the snow,
staggering, indifferent, his legend a sham:
“So what? Kristallnacht!”

In the church with the Kafkaesque clock,
missing hands just marks on the dial,
a blind man reads kids tales to a deaf man,
there, behind a triple-locked door
And the guard holding the key-chain,
he styles himself some kind of a djinn,
he makes a powder from the gateway,
hawking as a cure for the locked-in
In the Kristallnacht

Meanwhile, in the marketplace, perhaps,
unmasked, showing their true colors today,
collects stones, sharpening blades,
against those now betrayed,
the lynch-mob rehearses for Judgement Day
Moored briefly, preparing to load,
galleys stand ready to sail,
in the harbour waiting on slaves,
on the trash from the one-sided fray
From the Kristallnacht

There, quoting Darwin, excuses they invent,
whenever people they expel or torment,
there, where money pulls strings,
where the strong are the world’s kings
Bowed under, standing meekly nearby,
left singing hymns to themselves, while
with a barbaric craving for profit,
“Hosanna” and "Crucify him!" cry,
anywhere there’s gain in it
Every day, Kristallnacht.
Only Kristallnacht

Niedeckens BAP - 2017
(Original Lyrics: Wolfgang Niedecken, Translation by Roy Phillips)

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"Era importante para mí hacer un tributo a algunas mujeres de mi país que muelen maíz y lo llevan al canto y lo celebran como un milagro que a mí me ha inspirado mucho para poder seguir caminando y cantando." (Lila Downs)

Lila Downs - El Palomo del Comalito (Vídeo Oficial)


Por Dios, ¡qué registro de voz! Impresionante o.O
A mí niña le ha encantado.
 from Diaspora
Ohohohoho.... merci !

Jethro Tull - Locomotive Breath

Good musical morning, remembering this great album! :coffee :coffee :musical_note:


From their 1971 album Aqualung.

Ian Anderson - Flute, Vocals
John Evan - Piano
Martin Barre - Guitar
Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond - Bass
Clive Bunker - Drums
Out of the blue, Ian Anderson came to visit us once, I mean our community. But unfortunately I missed him. I got the email asking if he could visit in Istanbul airport, on my way to India. There was nothing rock-starish about him - he seemed just a nice ordinary chap. He says on his website that he donates all of the income from concerts performed in Israel to "bodies representing the development of peaceful co-existence between Muslims, Jews and Christians, and the fostering of better Palestinian/Israeli relations" and therefore included us among them. Ian Anderson visit

@hosh How nice!  So it's a bit like what Barenboim does?  All of you are few in this struggle for peace...  Regarding your feeling at the meeting at the airport, it is quite common with known artists at short distances...  A Spanish literary critic said, referring to poets, that these are, at the same time, children of a god and children of a neighbor.  You found the neighbour's son :-)
At least among musicians and artists, there are many who promote peace. Barenboim actually began the East West Diwan Orchestra together with Edward Said (whose Wikipedia article shows them together in Sevilla). Leonard Cohen, who I think you also like, donated the proceeds of his Israel concert to peace organizations. Roger Waters of Pink Floyd played to a crowd of about 40,000 here at our village (!) but since that time has become one of the most active campaigners for the cultural boycott. Due to his work, musicians and artists usually think very carefully before deciding whether to appear in Israel. It is no longer a trivial decision.

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We'll never be that young again. But we can keep on tryin'! See you tonight!

The Clash - London Calling (Official Video)
by theclashVEVO on YouTube


Buenos días con la portentosa voz de Mina :coffee :coffee :musical_note:

Mina - E Poi


I spent over 3 months synchronizing a line rider track to Beethoven's 5th drawing everything by hand.

Line Riders - Beethoven's 5th
by DoodleChaos on YouTube
 Music  Art