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Another fine tune from the upcoming "the liberation":

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La música gregoriana es de las pocas razones por las que Iglesia católica se podría librar de los infiernos :-)

Cantos Gregorianos - Salmos
by Duvan Castañeda on YouTube

Salmo 1-Sl 66
Salmo 2- Sl 99
Salmo 3- Sl 113
Salmo 4- Sl 118
Salmo 5-Sl 188
Salmo 6- Sl 188
Salmo 7- Sl 121
Salmo 8- Sl 124
Salmo 9- Sl 125
Salmo 10- Sl 127
Salmo 11- Sl 129
Salmo 12- Sl 130
Salmo 13- Sl 131
Salmo 14- Sl 132
Salmo 15- Sl 137
Salmo 16- Sl 141
Salmo 17- Sl 150

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So, this should be the only song to listen to today, tomorrow...until the next new TOOL song.
You really should. And after 13 years fans are thirsty. :-)
Reading the comments below the video is also recommended.
@h.EAR.t Never heard of Pan Sonic, I should check them out then!

Been a fan of Swans since the early 90's, was about that time I saw them too. Those gigs were memorable experiences for me at the time at least :)
 from Diaspora
 from Diaspora
Yes I've seen them live several times including the Children Of God tour with the original line up of Ted Parsons on drums and Jarboe on vocals-keyboards. Been a fan since Greed and Holy Money records. They are the loudest band ever to see live. Amazing hypnotic sonic pulverizing.

Not heard for a long time

Mason Williams - Classical Gas - ORIGINAL STEREO VERSION
by You Can't Download Vinyl on YouTube
I used to love listening to my parent's 45 of this as a kid. I haven't heard it in so many years, except by playing it in my head by memory.
Music censorship for shopping mall playlists :-).
 from Diaspora

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Puuuh, wirklich ein Kunststück, was die Dame da abzieht. Singen zu dieser Basslinie - Respekt!
Es ist noch unglaublicher, ihr beim Singen zuzusehen, während sie den Kontrabass spielt :-).

Esperanza Spalding Performs at the White House Poetry Jam:  (5 of 8)


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 bbc  radio

From the film Last Waltz

The Band - Forever Young



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@h.EAR.t Bist du beteiligt gewesen bei der Realisierung der Website ? Wen "Ja", kannst du bitte skizzenhaft beschreiben, wie die Website technsich umgesetzt ist? Ich meine, welches Template benutzt wurde? Ob die Inhalte für auf Hubzilla-Basis neu erstellt wurden oder sind diese Inhalte von einer exisietenden Website migriert worden?
A suggestion: I would use a subdomain for the hub and redirect the main domain, or at least make sure that his main e-mail address differs from the channel name. Otherwise he's gonna get spammed. On those rare occasions when I check my catchall inbox, I find tons of spam mails addressed to

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As a band with a background in the black metal scene from the nineties, the Devil and the forces of darkness, it is natural to bring into the mix of the folk tradition here. Like with the blues in America, so was fiddle music in Norway deemed devil music back in the day. There are many tales and stories from all over the world that go in the vain of the crossroads myth. The supernatural and folklore stuff are inspiring imagery and somehow makes a connection to both the blues and the nordic.

The single is available here:

always, play youtube videos through vlc or similar to stay safe!

!Music #music #psychedelic #blues #norway

Well worth checking out!
 from Diaspora
quite something! even me's not into such stuff no more... :)
@Y A Happy it gave you something though :) Don't really know what I'm into anymore, either it moves me in some way, or it don't. If it does, it's good regardless of genre or style :) I'm probably biased here though, as the main guy (Ole) is a good friend of mine.
 from Diaspora
Harald, nearing 69 all slows down, even da music, meaning dat me prefer slower tunes... mainly listnin cool piano jazz and similar these days, only for memory of times of old some old rock or canterbury... but, da band's great! :)